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         Photographer – Mark Stig

     Assistants – Henrik Ramskov & Anders Andresen

               Models – Randi Hagemann, Tue Blichfeldt, Lauritz Hansen, Nils Dam Nordlund                                                              & Sven-Ulrik Bech Buchard.

         Extras – Esben Lorenzen, Mads Schurmann Jensen, Christopher Pilgrim & Thor Qualmann


Kontrast_Magazine_01 Kontrast_Magazine_02 Kontrast_Magazine_03 Kontrast_Magazine_04 Kontrast_Magazine_05 Kontrast_Magazine_06

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Ray Ban Vision

What’s normal? Social norms are group-held beliefs about how members should behave in a given context. But in a world with an overflow of information, visual inputs and inspiration everywhere. How can anything ever be considered normal? Or is everything actually normal because of that?

For some, this shoot is quite normal. To others it might be a bit to much. But no matter what, you should check it out and see for yourself. Because how else will you know what it is?